This is a post by one of our student writers, Emmery Brewer. Emmery is sharing her personal experience with middle school bullying, and has some great insights. Thank you, Emmery, for writing this! If you are a Spring Hill-area student and have a topic you’d like to write about on our site, be sure to reach out and contact us.

Dealing with

Have you ever had a friend and then suddenly, maybe without you even noticing, they had become one of the “Populars” or one of the “mean girls”? To every person they are different. To some, the “mean girl” is their best friend. You never know who the mean girl is because everyone has a different one.

Maybe you have the same one as your friends, and maybe you don’t. It all depends on your personal experience with them. Maybe they say stuff behind your back and you overhear them. Maybe it’s more obvious, like you just see them point and laugh at you. Have you ever wanted to go up to them and maybe yell at them or tell them off? What if there was a way to make things better, without getting yourself into trouble. Would you do that instead?

You don’t have to always sit back and let them be those mean girls. Now, I’m not saying bully them. I am saying maybe making a stand will help. Being you the real you will also help. Not only will it help you, but everyone around you will start to follow you and they will start making a stand, too. You could always talk to a trusted adult if the mean girls are really bugging you. There are so many ways you can show them that you are bigger than they are.

I know at first it might be a little frightening to step out of your comfort zone and be who you truly are, but in the end it always works out for the best. I don’t know how long I was afraid to step out and be the person who I really was and who I wanted to be. I was afraid I would get judged so I just went with the what was “in” and I now wish I had been willing to be who I am now sooner. Now I don’t care what people think. Let me tell you, it is so much easier that way. Yes, people might judge, but if you don’t retaliate then those mean girls will see that they can no longer push you around. Then, they will most likely move on.

Be who you are and you will see that being who you are is so much better than hiding. Who cares about the “mean girls”? They won’t matter in 10 years from now so be you while you can! You have no idea how good you will feel until you do!


Emmery Brewer is an eighth grade student. She loves school and enjoys studying all school subjects. Emmery enjoys writing, singing, and spending time with friends. Her words on dealing with “the mean girls of middle school” comes from her own personal experiences of being bullied by a mean girl. She says that she wants to tell the girl who bullied her “thank you” because the lessons she has learned from that experience have made her stronger.

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